Useful information about the rwe wood pellet plant in Waycross Georgia

The rwe wood pellet plant in waycross georgia, which enables businesses to transport wood pellets by barge, is a product of the close collaboration between Sweden’s BMC and Germany’s RWE Innogy. This plant has enabled businesses to transport 23,000 tons of climate friendly fuel on board even though it was launched recently in January 2010. The development of this new facility was overseen by BMC while RWE invested heavily in it.

Consequently, many people expect it to produce more than 75,000 tons of wood coal every year since it is the largest in the world in recent times. This facility, whose ribbon was cut by Lt. Casey Cagle during its official opening, has millions of jobs so far. The rwe wood pellet plant in waycross georgia has enabled communities in Georgia and around the world to power up by making it possible for forestry products to grow.wood pellets

As such, it has proven to be the pride of these communities and the world at large. This facility, which has made it possible for people in the US, Germany and Europe to generate power by using biomass, tells a lot about the competitive nature of the resources that companies in Georgia use in their biomass energy sector. The European wood market does not have the ability to satisfy the increasing demand for resources since this sector is growing very fast hence the need for people to turn to the aforementioned facility since it makes the achievement of targets that aim to reduce carbon emissions possible and much easier.

The rwe wood pellet plant in Waycross Georgia, which provides strategic steps that make is possible for the US to protect its fuel base, is the largest in the southern part of the US Federal State of Georgia and in the world having cost approximately $120 million to set up. This facility requires approximately 1.5 million tons of green wood for the production of pellets but more importantly, many people expect it to enable them to reduce carbon emissions significantly since it uses biomass instead of hard coal. For this reason, it is a blessing for Georgia and its environs because the consumption of wood there is much less as compared to the rate at which timber grows.

wood pellet plantMany European countries such as Netherlands usually ship wood pellets for use in their power plants that are fired by hard coal and consequently, they have made the rwe wood pellet plant in Waycross Georgia the leading utility in the energy production sector in the US and Europe . This is because it meets the increasing demand for renewable energy by using these wood pellets, whose production base is the Georgia Biomass plant.

This facility, which plans to build a power plant that is fired by biomass in the United Kingdom by converting its existing coal fired one, generates energy by using approximately 30 percent of biomass products. In addition, since 50 percent of its biomass products originate from Georgia, this state remains an excellent location for it since it enables it to produce wood pellets by using surplus supplies.